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Car Maintenance Tips To Pass Your MOT Effortlessly

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MOT tests are done to ensure all the cars are following all the regulations and emission levels as prescribed by the authorities. Any car that is three years older from registration will have to opt for the MOT test. A lot of car owners think MOT is overwhelming, and most of them fail at it. However, the truth is MOT tests are simple and maintaining your car year-round, you do not have to worry about failing.

There is no room for mistakes when it comes to MOT testing and passing it. Below you would find a checklist that gives you guidance on everything you should look over and inspect before your MOT test.

Check Your Car Brakes Thoroughly

Brakes are considered a safety-critical factor that should be examined at frequent intervals, either with qualified experts or yourself. Even a minor fault in your brakes and you will fail your MOT test. Your inspector or MOT Redditch tester will put the brakes on rollers ensuring they are balanced and decelerating efficiently.

If your car comes with anti-lock brakes, the ABS warning sign should work without any glitch, and the parking brake must work efficiently too. This ensures your brake will provide complete control even when there is a steep slope. The tester will also inspect the discs, the callipers and the pads.

Tyre Condition

Tyres are your car’s only link with the road. They come with a limited life, after which replacing them is necessary. While they are available in different sizes and types, what matters is how you maintain them. What to do before your MOT test?

• Check the tyre air pressure and make sure it is at the recommended level.

• Check the tyres for any improper balancing and align them rightfully.

• Look for any cracks, bulges along the sidewall and check for any holes.

• Check the tyre tread depth and make sure it is not worn out or below the recommended 1.6mm depth.

Check The Different Car Fluids

• Check your engine oil; failing to do so can damage your engine, and you will fail the MOT test. Again, do not exceed the maximum limit as too much engine oil can put extra pressure and, causing leakage, damaging different car components.

• Check the coolant by observing the min/max lines. Insufficient or too much can cause overheating of the engine.

• Check the brake fluid. Insufficient brake fluid can damage the brakes as well as the hydraulic system.

• The power steering liquid should be inspected after warming it up. Turn on the engine and rotate the wheel a few times, though some even use a dipstick.

• Check your transmission fluid as insufficient fluid can damage the car’s transmission system.

Check Your Car’s Emission And The Lights

A few days before your MOT test, check all the lights, especially the rear ones. Inspect the taillights, the headlights, hazard lights, including your brake lights and indicators. Failing to do so, you will not pass your MOT Redditch test. Cars that are manufactured after 1980 should have two red rear car reflectors installed.

Fuel emission is a leading cause behind global warming, and authorities are coming up with alternatives and regulations to curb it. The fuel-powered cars and vehicles are tested using special equipment that is connected with the car’s exhaust. The emission level limit varies on your car’s model and age. Check your car’s horn, too, and it should be audible to other vehicles up to a certain distance.

Check the windows and the mirrors, the steering wheel to ensure your car is in pristine condition. The cost of the MOT test might vary depending on your area and also the model you ride. Follow the above car maintenance tips that will help you pass your MOT test effortlessly. 

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